Warung Sanur Segar, yummy Mexican foods made by Ryan

Are you looking for a hidden gem in Sanur, Bali to enjoy Mexican foods? You come to the right place. Warung Sanur Segar is an affordable place in Sanur that offers fresh Mexican foods. Warung in Indonesia is family-run eating spot normally found along busy road sides and market places catering to the local community. It usually consisting of some basic tables and chairs with rustic style. The price is usually more affordable than restaurant.

The Owner

The owner of Warung Sanur Segar is Ryan, an Indonesian food entrepreneur. She opened her warung few years ago at different location in Sanur. I came there 3 years ago and now I am happy to be back to enjoy her foods at the new location with my sister.

The Location

You can find her warung across the way from Sindu Market (Pasar Sindu). Her warung opens from 11 am till all sold out. If you would like to try her foods, I would suggest to go there during lunch time.

Her warung is painted in blue. There are 5 tables available (2 tables are in the front). Fan, cold drinks and coconuts are available.

“Segar” means Fresh

Ryan bought the ingredients fresh from the morning market. She cooks in the kitchen and serves the foods to the table by herself. I asked her how did she learn to cook Mexican foods on the first time I met her. She told me that she taught herself (self-learning).

The Foods

I ordered Chicken Quesadillas with salsa cheese, avocado and sour cream. A quesadilla is a heated tortilla with melted cheese inside. In addition to cheese, people can choose chicken, veggie or beef rendang as additional filling here. It was really yummy and the avocado was so fresh! It made me feel full.

Menu & Prices

Warung Sanur Segar offers several other Mexican dishes such as Burrito, Tacos, Wraps, Sandwich and Mexi Salad. You may check the menu and prices below. The price is in Indonesian Rupiah. The price of my quesadillas is IDR 40K ($3).

As an additional info, if you have never heard about Beef Rendang, it is a dry curry that’s made with beef, spice paste and coconut milk. It is an Indonesian dish originating from Minangkabau people of Indonesia (West Sumatra).

Address : Jl. Pasar Sindu, Sanur, Bali. 80288
(across the way from Sindu Market)
Contact : +6281-237-600-256
Opening hours : Monday – Saturday (11 am – till all sold out)
Trip Advisor : Warung Sanur Segar