Dine with Nature in Bali at Green Kubu Cafe, Tegallalang

Are you looking for an affordable place to dine with nature in Bali with your family or friends? Then you may want to check this place out. Green Kubu Cafe is located in Tegallalang, 15-20 minutes from Ubud Center. It was opened on 2017. Parking space is spacious. You can reach the cafe from parking area by walking through rice field pathway.

Kubu means simple house. Usually the roof is made from straws as you can see from the picture below. It is also a place where farmers sit during the day when they would like to rest or eat their meals.

My husband and I brought our laptop when we went there so we asked for a table near electric socket. There was one available for us. The view from our seats was beautiful. We enjoyed the view of green trees and Thunbergia vines. The gentle breeze is refreshing.

We went here for light lunch so we ordered Grilled Tempe, Lumpia and Strawberry Crème Brûlée. Green Kubu Cafe offers Indonesian, Western and Vegetarian foods with affordable prices.

The Grilled Tempe and Lumpia were tasty! Tempe is made from fermented soy and one of most popular food in Indonesia. Lumpia is a spring roll commonly found in Indonesia. It is a snack made from thin crepe pastry skin enveloping a mixture of savory fillings (chopped vegetables or minced meat).

I was happy with my Strawberry Crème Brûlée. Strawberry crème brûlée is the classic French vanilla baked dessert with strawberry sprinkled to sit on top of custard and caramelized sugar.

More people came as we spent our afternoon there. Tour guides with their guests and groups were also welcomed. Green Kubu Cafe has long tables for groups and they currently building the 2nd floor also to create more space. Some people who just came back from their tours chose buffet style menu. It is quick and time saving.

Green Kubu Cafe provides bean bags with colourful umbrellas. People can enjoy the beauty of rice fields and tropical water lilies.

Day blooming tropical water lilies usually open from mid morning until late afternoon. Night blooming tropical lilies usually open at dusk and close mid morning when the sun is bright. The flowers mainly closed when we were there except for several water lilies that we found still blooming.

Children may play at playground area. We saw a father and his son when we walked there. Anybody who loves chess can have fun playing with big chess. It made me think that this place is family friendly. Big swing is provided for adult. Current ticket price for the swing is IDR 25K.

There is a beautiful statue of Dewi Sri, the goddess of prosperity and agriculture holding a sprig of paddy. A small temple usually built by farmers in rice fields to worship Dewi Sri. The temple is called “Pura Bedugul.” It is usually made from woods or bamboos. I found that it is nice they chose this statue to be here, not only because of the beauty but also because of the philosophical meaning.

We saw plenty ducks on rice fields. Rice duck farming is pretty popular in Bali. Ducks are great as pest and weed control. They also make the soil become more fertile.

Address : JL. Cinta, Banjar Pejengaji, Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali. 80561
Contact : +62 857-3722-2705
Opening hours : 10 am – 9 pm (Monday to Friday),
10 am – 10 pm (Saturday), 9 am – 10 pm (Sunday)
Instagram : IG Green Kubu Cafe
Facebook : FB Green Kubu Cafe
Trip Advisor : TA Green Kubu Cafe