Affordable Christmas Eve Dinner in Ubud at Odette Bali

We were looking for a place to spend our Christmas Eve and found out about Odette Bali. It is a restaurant located on the main road of Mas, Ubud.

We checked their menu on instagram. The Christmas Eve dinner includes one starter, one main course & one dessert. My husband contacted them and booked a spot for us one day before Christmas Eve.

The restaurant is located on strategic location. The board sign is big and clear so it is easy to be spotted. The parking area is enough for motorbikes and few cars.

Our reserved table was decorated neatly with red napkins, pine cones and candles.


We were served 4 types of different canapes. My favorite is tomato canapes. The other ones are beets, eggs with dill pickle and squash canapes. I love the salty, sour and sweet flavors of these decorative foods. I would like to come back here just to try their other canapes!


I had Smoked Salmon Terrine with dill, capers & cream for starter. The smoked salmon was so delicious and soft. I was glad that I chose this starter. I have always loved salmon and it did not disappoint me.

My husband had Grilled Asparagus with sun-dried tomato pesto. The pesto had vibrant color and deeply-flavored with almonds, garlic, herbs and olive oil. The asparagus was cooked properly. People who love salty starter would like this.

Foods won’t be complete without a drink so I ordered Strawberry Daiquiri. This tropical drink is made of rum, lime and fresh strawberries. I wondered when did they get the strawberries since it tasted so fresh.


I had Firecracker Salmon with Creamy Potato Gratin and Roast Vegetables as the main menu. It made me fell in love again with their salmon! The sauce gave fiery flavor to the dish. My husband shared my potato gratin since I could not finish it alone. It was delicious and soft. I was so glad that we came here. I started to think if I would be able to finish our desserts or not after finished the main.

My husband had Pork Escalope with Apple Sauce, Cranberry Jam, Potato Dumplings, Vegetables. It was a big plate. I particularly like the cranberry jam that gave the food a unique flavor.

We had a wonderful and peaceful evening. The restaurant would be busier during Christmas so I was happy that it was not too crowded on Christmas Eve. The price was also affordable compared with other places.


I was excited for my Apple and Cherry Chobbler with handwhipped cream. The handwhipped cream was so good and soft! I am usually not a big fan of handwhipped cream if it is too sweet. Their cream was excellent. I love sour flavor so you can guess that I love this mix of apple and cherry dessert.

My husband ordered Poached Pear in mulled wine as his dessert. It was my first time to try this dessert. Mulled wine is usually made from red wine along with various mulling spices. Poached pear was soft and it gave me warm feeling after few spoons.


There was a bookshelf across our seat accompanied with comfy couch. While waiting for the foods before, I checked on the books. I found plenty interesting art books. No wonder the restaurant is also artistic since you can see beautiful paintings on the wall. Sometimes it feels refreshing to read art books and have a break from smartphone while waiting for the foods.


There is wooden store across the restaurant and you can see it from the glass window. The hanging lights on the restaurant look beautiful on the evening.

If there is one word that describes Odette Bali, it would be ‘colorful’! Colorful chairs, sofas, pillows, paintings and curtains. Wooden tables and chairs balance the vibe and it feels classic. A good place to gather with family or friends. Comfy space and just enough seat for everybody.

People can buy cookies, macaroons and cakes also at Odette Bali since they are not only a restaurant but also a pattiserie.


Upon entering the main door we saw a big Christmas tree. It was decorated colorfully with Christmas decorations and some gift boxes.


Odette Bali has extra seats on their backyard. It would be nice to visit on a sunny day. They also have fish ponds and neat garden. Their big kitchen is on the left side of the stairs.

I saw beautiful flowers and leaves mural on the pink wall. It feels more tropical with hanging pots.


The bathroom on the backyard was clean, well-lit and decorated beautifully with white orchids.

Thank you for reading this post. If you would like me to cover more places and experiences in Bali or if you would like to feature your place here, contact me through my social media accounts. See you on next post!

Price* : IDR 175,000++/person
Address : Jl. Raya Mas, Ubud, Bali. 80571
Contact : +62-361-972161, Whatsapp : +62 811-380-770, +62 81-353-067-164
Opening hours : 9 am – 8 pm (Monday to Sunday)
Instagram : IG Odette Bali
Facebook : FB Odette Bali
Trip Advisor : TA Odette Bali

*prices are subject to change